10 Simple Steps to Implementing Idea Management Software

Rolling out a new idea management system may seem like a daunting task... Before you improve how you collect and manage new ideas from throughout your organization, take a look at your next steps in how you'll make the most your investment. This is a step-by-step guide leading you to success in idea management software.

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Learn Common Mistakes and Pitfalls

Learn the 3 critical mistakes most companies make when planning the launch of a new idea management platform and how to avoid them.

Building an Innovation Board and Champion Network

The easiest way to set up an innovation board and champion network to get cross-functional support for your idea management platform when it goes live.

Crafting Challenge Statements that Produce Financial Results

Learn how to prioritize your goals to then craft effective challenges based on those goals.

Promoting Your Challenge to Achieve a 60% - 80% Engagement Rate

Grab the attention of your busy employees, customers, suppliers and public by creating a marketing strategy for your software to motivate and educate users.