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ExamOne wanted to track and implement ideas from employees in a manner that would allow them to see ROI from new initiatives. Partnering with Ideawake gave them the solution they needed to see impactful ROI.

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ExamOne is a leading provider of paramedical testing services in the Life Insurance industry, with 1,200 employees spread across more than 50 field offices in the United States.


Continuous Improvement

ExamOne wanted to improve their continuous improvement so that ideas could be better streamlined to implementation for consistent ROI.


Going Online

ExamOne was previously collecting ideas via physical means. To improve not only the collection of ideas but the ability to share and process them, Ideawake helped ExamOne go entirely digital with their program.


High Volume Results

ExamOne's full embrace of a strategized innovation pipeline lead to results impressive in their sheer volume, with over 300 ideas submitted and a near 80% engagement rate.