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Learn more about how Ideawake helped scale ExamOne's continuous improvement program across 50 field offices resulting in over $1,400,000 in savings in the first 6 months.


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The Challenge

ExamOne is a leading provider of paramedical testing services in the Life Insurance industry, with 1,200 employees spread across more than 50 field offices in the United States.
ExamOne was seeking a way to streamline the process of collecting ideas from more employees for their continuous improvement program.
Before Ideawake, they collected ideas using offline “idea cards” which were posted on boards throughout their call centers. The issue with this approach was that it was difficult to track and manage the ideas they were receiving and required too much manual data entry from program champions.

The Solution

ExamOne partnered with Ideawake to centralize the collection and evaluation of ideas across their paramedical network and took their platform live during their national convention.

Outside of using Ideawake to power its continuous improvement program, ExamOne has also leveraged the platform to engage with participants in real time ideation and collaboration during presentations at their national conventions. To date, Ideawake has been successfully rolled out across the majority of ExamOne’s workforce.

The Results

ExamOne has collected over 350 ideas from employees across the nation, and has an engagement rate of 78% of participants invited to the platform. They have conducted over 16 challenges since taking their platform live, resulting in over $1,400,000 in savings.


Sara Jane Vomhoff

Six Sigma Black Belt at Quest Diagnostics

"Ideawake helps ExamOne create a centralized location to collect, evaluate, and take action on new ideas. Before Ideawake, we collected and managed ideas via email threads. 

Now, our employees are able to quickly submit ideas on Ideawake via their phone or computer, and our process is much more transparent because employees can easily track the progress of their ideas as they are evaluated and implemented. 

Getting started was easy and Ideawake's expertise has helped us improve our programs overall effectiveness and they are responsive to our changing needs."