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ProHealth Care Case Study

Aiming to develop a care model that put patients first, ProHealth Care chose to partner with Ideawake and build an end-to-end innovation pipeline. Download the case study to learn how they captured employee ideas and saw results that led them to expand the program.


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The Challenge

With 4,500 employees across three hospitals, ProHealth Care is a leading provider of health services in the Greater Waukesha area. ProHealth wanted to take a more patient-centric approach to its care model, and leadership knew that their front-line employees—those interacting with patients on a daily basis—had the insight to help. However, the health system’s previous methods of idea collection, prioritization, and implementation lacked efficiency and transparency, qualities ProHealth knew make for a more engaging and innovative work environment.

The Solution

Since this was the first time ProHealth had engaged employees at scale, it was looking for a partner that would help in each aspect of its program, from strategic planning and promotion to developing a best practice framework to rapidly pilot ideas once selected. Ideawake’s implementation plan accounted for all three stages, from the initial engagement stage to an end-to-end system to validate, prototype, and pilot ideas selected as the most promising.

The Results

Download the case study to read about how ProHealth Care built an innovation pipeline with Ideawake that produced impactful results.

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Darcy Lorenzon

VP of Strategy
“The Ideabox Program was a great way to introduce how to take an idea and validate it, whether it will meet the needs of a target market or not.

“Testing assumptions and validating them required a different kind of work effort than many [employees] had done in their day-to-day jobs. A real stretch for some team members, but very worthwhile.”