Aurora Health Care Case Study

We partnered with Aurora Health Care to help them transform their culture into one that encourages innovation across all employee roles. This case study explains how we did that, and how it led to incredible results and employee engagement.


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The Challenge

Aurora Health Care is the largest employer in the State of Wisconsin, with over 35,000 employees spread across 10 geographic markets. Aurora was seeking a way to tap into the ideas that already existed inside its walls to improve patient experience and maximize impacted lives. They had tried a basic online form for idea submission in the past, but found since there was no process for feedback or social interactions built around the program, it received a low level of engagement from front line caregivers.

The Solution

Ideawake partnered with Aurora Health Care to design and implement a solution to maximize engagement from their Ideawake platform in the Oshkosh region. Their initial rollout included two challenge statements - one related to improving patient experience and the other focused on innovative products and services that could be offered. Aurora used Ideawake’s custom branded offline promotional materials and email campaigns to build awareness across the 1,550 caregivers they employ in the Greater Oshkosh region.

The Results

Download the case study above to read about the impactful results Aurora realized after building their innovation program with Ideawake. 

Charles Berray aurora

Charles Berray

Operations Improvement Manager at Aurora Health Care

“I saw Ideawake as a great way to empower caregivers with a voice while being able to collect their ideas and feedback at scale.
I was initially worried about engagement being low with the front-line challenge because of how many people we were targeting. But, when we launched I realized that we were onto something big. In the first half day we generated more ideas and engagement than I thought we would during the entire time the front line challenge was live.
I was very impressed with the results we achieved during our first challenge at Aurora and am excited to conduct our next front line challenge later this year.”