Empowering Women Intrapreneurs in Health Care

Learn how two experienced health care professionals were empowered to take on intrapreneurial roles—that is, acting as entrepreneurs within a corporate structure—and helped build lasting Cultures of Innovation.

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What Will I Learn?

  • How to Build an Intrapreneurial Structure Within a Large Organization: Leverage the resources provided in a large organization to break innovative ground.   
  • Making the Case to Leadership for an Innovation Program: Make the case for an internal innovation program—namely, how your employees have the insight to give your organization an innovative edge.
  • Becoming an Active Member of Your Region's Innovation Ecosystem: Collaborate with other innovation-minded organizations and individuals to enact long-lasting change. 

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  • 7 ways companies have been using ideation challenges to address COVID-19 and civil unrest
  • How to create challenge statements to ensure the ideas being collected tie to organizational goals and strategy
  • How to promote and communicate your challenge in a fully remote environment to get 60% - 80% of employees signed up and actively participating
  • Best practices and options for incentivizing participation in your challenge
  • Common obstacles you'll encounter planning and running your challenge, and how to address each of them



Darcy Lorenzon_headshot

Darcy Lorenzon, MHS, MCPM

Darcy Lorenzon, MHS, MCPM is an innovator dedicated to finding solutions to patients' biggest obstacles: access, convenience, and affordable care. She is a builder of collaborative teams focused on design thinking, encouraging and gathering diverse opinions to provide innovative solutions to organizations' biggest challenges.

Emily Connors_headshot

Emily Connors, MHS

Emily Connors, MHS is an experienced social science researcher, program manager, and strategic planner with more than 10 years' experience in the nonprofit and healthcare sectors. 

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