Building a Culture of Innovation 
in Health Care

Learn seven strategies leading Health Care organizations are using to drive innovation, the tips you need, and actionable steps you can take to get a new innovation program up and running in your Health Care organization. 

What Will You Learn?

  • Building the Business Case for Health Care Innovation - Megatrends and statistics that create a compelling business case for your single hospital or region-wide integrated health network to take action. 
  • 7 Most Popular Innovation Strategies and Tactics - 7 tactics Health Care organizations are using to drive game changing innovations and tips to help you identify which is right for your organization. 
  • Planning, Rollout, and Required Resources - Learn what resources it takes to get a new program off the ground and how to sustain it long-term. 
  • Best Practices, Obstacles, and Taking Action - Learn about best practices when starting, scaling, and sustaining an innovation program in healthcare, and the common roadblocks you'll encounter during your journey.

Most Valuable Tactics in Health Care

Disruption is Here, is Your Organization Ready?

Disruption in Healthcare




Founder and CEO, Ideawake

Coby Skonord is a crowdsourcing expert, public speaker, and co-a co-founder of Ideawake. He's helped create and optimize innovation programs in leading organizations like AdvocateAurora Health Care, HP, and BHGE. 

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