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Webinar: Why You Need Frontline Innovation, Even in Crisis

Although 75% of executives believe that COVID-19 will create new areas of opportunity for growth, only 21% of them feel that they have the expertise and commitment to pursue those new growth areas effectively. In this webinar, veteran innovation executive Mike Rodgers will share how to build a culture of frontline innovation that will enable your organization to more quickly adapt to change and build a foundation for post crisis growth to remain competitive.

What Will You Learn?

  • Building the Business Case for Innovation Amid Crisis -  Bottom-up innovation programs can react quickly to change and take advantage of growth opportunities like the COVID-19 pandemic. Learn how to make the case to leadership that now is the time to build a culture of innovation. 
  • Gaining Leadership Buy-In on an Innovation Program - Detailing how Mike and Ideawake identified the business problems innovation could solve and focused those into actionable challenges to convince leadership. 
  • Creating an Actionable Plan for Implementation - Learn what resources it takes to get a new program off the ground and how to ensure sustainability for the future.
  • Overcoming Constrained Budgets - Sharing unique strategies for developing a program despite tight budgets in 2020. 


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Mike Rodgers

VP of Business Development, EmOpti

Mike Rodgers is a Senior Executive at EmOpti, experienced in Innovation, Continuous Improvement, Strategy, and Business Development, including Fortune 100 and Start-Up organizations. 

In his role as vice president of commercial and strategic innovation for Advocate Aurora Health, he lead efforts to create a culture of innovation and to modernize their approach to business development. Committed to both his community and to driving disruption in the technology sector, he founded the Milwaukee Tech Hub Coalition, a non-profit whose mission is to create workforce development initiatives to position Milwaukee as the tech center of the Midwest.

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Now is the Time for Innovation

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